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by Coach Naja Hall

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Are you suffering from Stepmom Onset Anxiety?

I totally made that up BUT many Stepmoms have found themselves embattled and overcome by bad feelings! When the man of your dreams is attached to circumstances that give you nightmares, it’s either time to RUN or slay the beast! It was a long, bumpy road before I joined #TeamUnbothered and one of my missions is to equip girls like us with the tools to take back our peace of mind, maintain happy relationships and be present for life’s greatest joys.

Master Stepfamily Coach, Naja Hall makes an appearance on the Today Show. She chats on stepmotherhood and how to overcome common challenges.

The Unbothered Stepmother

I’m Naja Hall, a Master Stepfamily Coach and I am a proud Stepmother. In the beginning of my journey, however, conflict, frustration and the negative social stigma that plagues the stepmom community kept me from wearing my title with pride. It was a long, bumpy road before I joined #TeamUnbothered and one of my missions is to equip girls like us with the tools to take back our peace of mind, maintain happy relationships and be present for life’s greatest joys.

HOW do I become a VIPStepmom? All you have to do is sign up! In order to join #TeamUnbothered, there’s a monthly membership fee of $8.97. I also have other options for Stepmoms that need more intense help. While I produce tons of free content, VIP Stepmom videos, webinars, downloadables and exclusive content will not be available anywhere else on the web. We’re getting raw and candid so this exclusive content is safeguarded in our VIP space.

raw, real & honest solutions.

∴You deserve a life free of anxiety, worry and defeat. I got YOU, girlfriend!

∴It’s about time you realized that you don’t have to see yourself as his second (or next) wife. You’re his LAST Wife!

∴Self-care is a must. Join me and learn my personal tips on maintaining balance amidst conflict and chaos.

∴I am going to help you align your expectations with your reality so that you can change your perspective and chose happiness.

∴I’ll equip you with the tools to kick his high-conflict ex out of your head.

∴Learn how to make your stepkids yearn for your presence! Yup, you read that right!

Naja Hall is the stepmom coach you’ve been looking for. She’s one of the smartest, most inspirational people you’ll ever meet and she’ll change your life (and your outlook about Stepmothering) for the better!

Brenda Ockun

StepMom Magazine Founder & Publisher


3 membership levels gold, rose & blxx

Some Stepmoms prefer structured, yet flexible interaction. Some prefer carefully curated content. And others may be dealing with a very hard situation and need more intense solutions. All three VIP Rooms are excellent! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

14 day

What's in it for you?

I’m glad you asked! I specialize in solution-based coaching for conflicted stepmoms. I have created exclusive tools for women at any stage of their journey. If your situation commands more up close and personal attention, then you’ve come to the right place. Starting at $8.97/month you’ll get customized content that will NOT be available anywhere else on the internet EVER.

Expert Workshops

Expert Workshops

You will have full access to candid monthly chats with gurus. This video series will dig deep into stepmothering as it relates to love, marriage, mental health and a wide array of issues that affect women like us. Not to be a name-dropper, but we know some pretty influential subject matter experts and they will be dedicating years of experience to our community.

Chat Room

Our discussion forum is totally anonymous and it is strictly available to community members. Each month, I will peruse the forum for the top questions and comments and address them in a Q&A video session.

Interactive Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions are interactive, live events hosted by me or an expert that I’ve invited. Think of it as a FaceTime call with a bunch of close friends. They typically take place at the end of the month, but I’ll always email you a heads-up so you don’t miss the fun! Members are encouraged to participate! Join a video call or observe without fear of judgment. 

Personal Coaching

VIP Members get up to 40% discounted private coaching with me! You also have access to my appointment calendar so you call me (or Facetime) when you’re in need of solution-based power hour. Think of a laser session with me as the mashup of a motivational speech and pouring your heart out to a best friend…that happens to be an expert.

VIP Podcast

Stepmoms need a little extra love, so each month I’ll be hosting the VIPStepmom podcast. It is juicy, unfiltered and all about YOU. This podcast is for US, by US so members of our community will be the driving force behind each episode.

StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine is the longest-running professional journal for women in families like ours. I’ve partnered with them to deliver monthly issues straight to your inbox! VIP Members not only get access to current issues of StepMom magazine, but I’ve loaded tons of back issues in our database.


If you’re a Stepmom that is caught in the tango of toxicity and you’re ready to leave the dancefloor, you NEED to check out one of my courses! My courses are packed with video modules, worksheets, and audio lessons Your Rose and Blxx membership get you lifetime access.


Throughout the month, I will be sending downloadables, videos, podcasts, eBooks and written content to you. Aside from our members-only content, VIP Stepmoms will have access to my database of curated picks from around the web. No need to scour the internet when you are in need of help. VIPStepmom is your hub for all-things-stepmom related!


Need more info?

...maybe I'll name drop a little Here are some of the expert speakers

My friends are pretty amazing people and they’ve become experts in their respective niches. When you become a VIP Stepmom, you gain access to my one-on-one uninhibited chat with them on SOLUTIONS for the problems Stepmoms face.

These folks are my real-life associates and they support my mission to empower Stepmoms. Because these videos will not be available to the general public, my guests are not holding back in these exclusive conversations. Bring a pen, pad, wine and tissue! It’s goin’ down!

Merissa V. Grayson

Merissa V. Grayson

She is a Family Law Attorney, wife, mom and full-time stepmom. She specializes in Father's Rights. Merissa is such a badass that she went to law school and helped her own husband gain full custody of his son! Did I mention, she's MY attorney!?!
Brian Barnett

Brian Barnett

Have you ever heard of BPD? Brian has not only beaten borderline personality disorder, but he helps others to gain control over their battle with BDP. He is a divorced dad in a positive coparenting relationship.
Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins

Why would I chat with an addiction specialist? Well, most stepmoms have become so accustomed to chaos that they are dependent on it. Chris is a doctoral candidate in Behavorial Therapy and he runs an Addiction Treatment Center.
Jennifer Arnise

Jennifer Arnise

Jennifer helps women heal the painful relationship with their mother by telling their story, creating healthy boundaries and expressing their feelings so they are able to create loving, nurturing and supporting relationships in their life.
Ginger Gentile

Ginger Gentile

Ginger founded Erasing Family, an organization that investigates parental alienation. In the US alone, over 22 MILLION PARENTS are being erased from their children’s lives after divorce and separation. Ginger offers tips on how to cope as an erased family member and how to handle your child when they come back.
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"I'd literally cry myself to sleep until I came across one of Naja's videos. I was fed up and I'd already hired a divorce attorney but as I listened to her words, I started having a mindset shift. She totally changed my perspective and showed me my true power." -Stepmom Stephanie M.

Who is a VIP Stepmom? A VIP Stepmom is a woman that understands that sometimes she is the leading lady, sometimes she is the stagehand and other times, she is not in the scene at all. We are women that have the privilege, yes, privilege of loving men with children. We also know that we have the flexibility to step up and step away!

WHY did I create a space just for Stepmoms? I’m one of you! I’m all about inclusion, but us Stepmoms are just different from everyone else. Our issues are unique. Our position is thankless, and we often feel isolated in our own homes. My work focuses on the family as a complete system, but far too many stepmoms feel like outsiders. Not on my watch, not anymore!