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The Breakdown Features

What\'s in it for me?

I\’m glad you asked! I specialize in solution-based coaching for conflicted stepmoms. I have created exclusive tools for women at any stage of their journey. If your situation commands more up close and personal attention, then you\’ve come to the right place. Starting at $8.97/month you\’ll get customized content that will NOT be available anywhere else on the internet EVER.

VIP access to video interviews

You will have full access to candid monthly chats with my guru pals. This video series will dig deep into stepmothering as it relates to love, marriage, mental health and a wide array of issues that affect women like us. Not to be a name dropper, but I know some pretty influential subject matter experts and they will be dedicating years of experience to our community.

Good stuff straight to your inbox

Throughout the month, I will be sending downloadables, videos, podcasts, eBooks and written content to you. Aside from our members-only content, VIP Stepmoms will have access to my database of curated picks from around the web. No need to scour the internet when you are in need of help. VIPStepmom is your hub for all-things-stepmom related!

VIP Stepmom podcast

Stepmoms need a little extra love, so each month I’ll be hosting the VIPStepmom podcast. It is juicy, unfiltered and all about YOU. This podcast is for US, by US so members of our community will be the driving force behind each episode.

Anonymous Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum is totally anonymous and it is strictly available to community members. Each month, I will peruse the forum for the top questions and comments and address them in a Q&A video session.

Class is in Session!

If you\’re a Stepmom that is caught in the tango of toxicity and you\’re ready to leave the dancefloor, you NEED to be in my course, Girl,Bye! She\’s Not Going Anywhere. Neither Are You. I\’ve turned my Amazon best-selling book into a workbook with video modules that accompany each chapter. I am showing you how to take back your peace of mind! A Rose and Blxx membership gets you lifetime access.

Monthly StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine is the longest running and one of the best professional journals for women families like ours. I\’ve partnered with them to deliver monthly issues straight to your inbox! VIP Members not only get access to current issues of StepMom magazine, but I\’ve loaded tons of back issues in our database.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions are interactive, live events hosted by me or an expert that I\’ve invited. They typically take place at the end of the month, but I\’ll always email you a heads-up so you don\’t miss the fun! Members are encouraged to participate! Join a video call or observe- without fear of judgment.   

Discounts on Private Coaching

Blxx members get discounted private coaching with me! You also have access to my appointment calendar so you call me (or Facetime) when you\’re in need of solution-based power hour. Think of a laser session with me as the mashup of a motivational speech and pouring your heart out to a best friend…that happens to be an expert.