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What is Team Toxic!

Does the relationship between your mother-in-law and your partner’s ex annoy you?

When a toxic bio mom and your mother-in-law link up, it can feel frustrating. For stepmoms, an interesting phenomenon occurs when a person can:

👉Make your life a living hell
👉Torment your stepkids
👉Disrespect your partner

BUT there’s one lady that still sees hope in the HCBM (or perhaps they’re one-in-the-same) and that woman happens to be your mother in law. Team Toxic is born and so is a stepmom’s headache.


a how-to smart course for stepmoms

This smart course is for the busy stepmom that needs clarity and direction

 This course will help you regain control and redirect your family in a positive direction. It will also help you usher your partner out of harmful familial ties that seem to always keep you from moving forward.


Master stepfamily coach, Founder of VIPStepmom

Naja has been dubbed the Queen of Conflict Resolution. She is also one of the most recognizable faces in the blended family niche. Naja is a Master Stepfamily Coach and founder of the VIPStepmom community. She also hosts the top-ranked podcast, I Know I’m Crazy with Naja Hall.

Take the Team Toxic course


This mobile-friendly smart course has 5 video modules. When you purchase the course, you gain lifetime access to the content. This course is meant to be a conversation starter and a means for you to dive into areas of personal interest. A swift stepmom can complete the course in one-day.


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