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summer visitation

A Stepmom\’s Guide on How to Dazzle During Summer Visitation

In case you can\’t tell, I\’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan! If you have no clue what that is, it\’s ok!

I know a lot of women that have stepped in and stepped up, but sometimes they do not get the acknowledgment and validation from the people around them. They’ve found themselves in love with a man with children, but they do not quite feel like a REAL stepmom. I decided
to pose a question to my online community. I asked thousands of women to tell me about the moment they knew they’d truly become
a STEPMOM. Some of the responses are hilarious and others have an all-too-familiar tone of heartache. One of my main goals here at
VIPStemom is to challenge and inspire you. I look forward to loving,
learning and living our best lives! We deserve it!

As a token of my appreciation for stopping, please enjoy this compilation of awesome responses I’ve put together! 

xo  Naja Hall

Hey StepSista!

You\’re a Stepmom+Sisterfriend and NOW you\’re a VIP!

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It\’s about time I created a space just for US!

I\’m Naja Hall, a Certified Master Stepfamily Coach and I am a proud Stepmother. In the beginning of my journey, however, conflict, frustration and the negative social stigma that plagues the stepmom community kept me from wearing my title with pride. It\’s MINE. I OWN it and I get to wear it how I please dammit! I\’m looking forward to getting to know you and ushering you to the #TeamUnbothered. Yup, no more anxiety, drama or Stepmom Stress!