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STEPMOM, are you ready for a change!


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Being a stepmother can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and flat out hopelessness. Over time (or just a few adverse events) even the most well-balanced woman can succumb to the pitfalls of something called stepmom burnout. In this class, I will discuss the stages of burnout and ways to increase your life satisfaction while simultaneously serving your stepfamily. During this class, we will be discussing:

  • How to stop stepmom frustration from ruining your entire day
  • How to self-soothe during high conflict moments
  • Helping your partner to understand the complex emotions that often accompany stepmotherhood

Naja Hall Master Stepfamily Coach

Naja Hall is a Coach, author, speaker, and educator. In just a few short years, her brand has blazed to the forefront of the millennial blended family niche and her Coaching agency provides resources to over 200K adults daily. Naja sees the family as the singular most important system in our society and with over 50% of today’s modern families including partners who have remarried or recoupled, she aims to provide resources that reshape the misconceptions that prevent members of stepfamilies from thriving. She passionately provides families and individuals the tools by which they can learn to form a more cohesive unit, free of the drama that usually surrounds divorce, separation, and remarriage.  She hosts top-ranked podcast I Know I’m CRAZY with Naja Hall and published the Amazon best-selling Girl, Bye! book series.

I’ll see you in the Stepmom Burnout class!

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