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You’ve been dealing by reading and commenting on the lamentations of other stepmoms. You deal by reading the blogs and listening to podcasts. You are probably in several online groups and you’ve ordered a few books.

so how do you heal?

Healing is a decision. It takes REAL work and dedication to not only acknowledge that you can’t do it alone but to make sure you are investing in the right tools.

I’ve created what I wish I had when I was struggling<br/>I’m handing you the tools, all you have to do is use them!

Conflict in blended families is inevitable but if yours is consuming your life, stealing your personal peace, and causing your anxiety, I have some resources for you. Enter your email below and I will send you my free Unbothered Stepmom checklist.

What is your main Stepmom “issue”?

Stressed Stepmom Stressed Stepmom
Your Partner Your Partner
Stepkids Stepkids
Custodial Stepmom Custodial Stepmom
Relationship Relationship

I'm not gonna lie. Being a stepmom is NOT my most important role in life...

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BUT my role as a stepmom was ONCE responsible for 100% of my anxiety, sadness, and displeasure with my relationship. It seemed like the man of my dreams was attached to something from my nightmares. All I wanted to do was have a good relationship, but it seemed like the decisions he made before I even came along would haunt me forever. Not only do I have a Family Sciences degree, I’m a Certified Family Life Educator. Most importantly, I’m a STEPMOM that is no longer affected by the antics of those I cannot control. The level of peace and #unbotheredness I’ve reached is a place I NEVER thought I’d be. I know most Coaches, therapists, and lightworkers must position themselves as if they’re lives are squeaky clean BUT I went through hell! I often talk about my experiences in my private members discussions, the secret podcast, blogs etc. I do this to show you that I know WHERE you are. I am meeting you exactly where you are and I will hold your hand until you get to higher ground. I’m Naja Hall and I got your back.

I’ll see you inside the Members Portal. Make yourself at home, take off your shoes- you’re amongst family now.

-Coach Naja