3 Practices of Happy Women

“Happy” is a very subjective term but it represents a standard state of being for many women. According to modern theory, there are 27 human emotions. Unfortunately, many people live their lives aiming to stay in a “happy” place. When they experience one of the other 26 emotions, they may have a tough time leaning into their present feelings because they are hyper-focused on getting back to “happy”. Some of the happiest people I know do not force bad feelings away. They practice mindfulness, acceptance, and they give themselves grace when recalibrating their emotions. I’ve come to learn that true happiness lies in radical acceptance, flexibility, and avoiding rumination.

In the 3 Principles of Happy Women Masterclass, Coach Naja Hall shares her research-based conclusions about some of the commonalities that she has found among her most well-balanced and progressive clients. The 3 principles covered in this course are:

1. Avoiding Rumination– When we ruminate, we repetitively think about the causes, factors, and consequences of a negative experience
2. Radical acceptance– When we stop resisting a proven truth in our lives
3. Cognitive Flexibility– When we quit dwelling on something bad and find NEW solutions that work in our favor

This course has video 4 modules. It is also accompanied by a downloadable PDF presentation.

  • Video Module 1: Introduction
  • Video Module 2: How To Avoid Rumination
  • Video Module 3: Practicing Radical Acceptance
  • Video Module 4: Why Cognitive Flexibility is necessary
This course is accompanied with a downloadable pdf of the slideshow