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    vipmani posted in the group VIPStepmom Group

    That awkward moment when HCBM (believe me, she’s earned the HC) and DH are having a tussle of verbiage via email while I’m sitting here drinking my margarita hoping the ghetto don’t rub off on me 💅🏾💁🏾‍♀️ I’m petty but damn 😂 It’s only Monday! Good night y’all!

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    vipmani posted in the group VIPStepmom Group

    In other news, I was just elected to the executive board of my SD’s Parent Teacher Org at her middle school! I’m so excited to be involved in something that I can be passionate about.

    What are some things that you all are involved in on behalf of your families?

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    • Congrats!!! That’s absolutely amazing.

      Unfortunately I am very far from being included in anything still. 😩

      • I know the feeling 😕

        • Sucks! But we’ll get there, eventually.. hopefully lol!

          • Eventually is definitely something to look forward to. The PTO was something that I was passionate about for the last few years. I never volunteered until this year though once SD had been living with us full time for the past year.

    • Congratulations!!!

  • Hey y’all. This unbothered stepmom is BOTHERED tuh-day! We have had custody of my SD12 for 13 months. Instead of BM at any time trying to make the change of custody work, she bid her time, remained a deadbeat mom, and decided to file for modification of custody 5 months ago. BM is basing the modification on “evidence” that I’m an abusive stepmom…Read More

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    • BUT I’m rallying! I just needed to vent in our safe space here.

    • Yikes. I literally have no advice. How is your husband handling this?

      • I have to give my husband credit. He focused on validating me for what I am to him. He told me that I’m a good wife and reminded me of how I am a great mom to our two little ones along with SD. That has made me feel a lot better tonight.

        As far as dispelling what SD told the GAL; I don’t know what could be done honestly other than continue liv…Read More