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  • How do you deal with a spouse that won’t sets boundaries and the feeling of always being second to bm

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    • Hey there. There are quite a few resources on this very topic. Check out vipstepmom.com/dashboard to grab all of them

  • My fiance has been telling me he is going to make bio mom actually deal with me and let me drop off and pick kiddos from her but everyone he has a chance even if its easier for me to do it he says he doesn’t want to deal with fighting with her and he needs her cooperation in the divorce so it doesn’t drag on….when does it stop when do I get to…Read More

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    • If theyre still in court it may be best for you to stay away. Also are you coming tomorrow to the live group meetup?

  • What do I do?
    Ugh so I have been a step mom for over a year now to 4 kiddos we have an amazing bond and I am very involved. We have them every other week so when they are with us I am dropping them off to school picking them helping with homework and everything else a mother would do…btw I also have two bio kids of my own from a previous…Read More

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    • I think you are blessed to have an amazing bond with the kids like that. I think if you are keeping an open dialogue with your partner, that’s enough to not overstep boundaries. You are in a relationship with him, not the BM. And if the kids want you there, you do what’s best for the children, even if she makes a scene. Because at the end of it,…Read More

    • You’re right; you SHOULD be welcomed and accepted by BM. You sound like a wonderful SM and your SD obviously adores you. I honestly say to keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing what is best for SD (which is what matters) and you have the support of your partner. BM may or may not come around to your involvement but that should not dicta…Read More