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Hey Y’all, 

If you don’t know me, the low down is that I am a misplaced Texan living in Colorado. My husband and I have three, soon to be four, kids together in addition to his two teenagers. Yes, we have a minivan. 

Growing up, I always dreamed of being a wife and a mom, but stepping in to help raise someone else’s children were never in that dream. Am I right? A few years ago I started searching for support. I felt I was drowning in the conflict and chaos that so often comes with stepfamily life. I found a few online spaces that I liked but none that I felt fit me as a stepmom. 

I decided to create my own facebook group called The Unapologetic Stepmom. I thought a few hundred women would join and I would be able to help them and also grow with them. Wrong. I am now the proud creator and owner of facebook’s largest stepmom group. 

I have been asked many times why I think my group took off so fast and continues to grow. I think the answer is simple. I do not adhere to ridiculous, societal expectations placed on stepmoms, and I along with my team don’t allow them to be perpetuated in my group. I unapologetically say what so many won’t. I know many stepmoms need to hear what I’m saying. I’ve been where you are. 

What’s my why?

Now, I’m about to talk about myself like I’m the sh….and in full transparency, I’ve been staring at this screen for too long. I prefer talking about my tiny offspring. Anyways, here we go. I have dedicated a part of myself for the last few years helping fellow stepmoms make unapologetic change in their stepmom journeys through my group. My inbox is filled with messages every day asking me for more: more advice, more time, more tips, and I want to give that to y’all to the best of my ability. I know I have so much more to offer than my facebook group allows, so that led me to launch the Ivory Room just for you.

What’s in it for you?

I will also available for individual mentoring for those who need me the most. If you join me in the Ivory Room, you will get much more personal access to me along with a monthly, check-in call. It allows us to delve deeper and talk about the nitty-gritty we don’t want to plaster in a facebook group. We can let loose and get to know each other better because the Ivory Room is a more intimate setting and it is 100% private. I am beyond excited about the opportunity to help you grow and thrive in your stepmom journey.I can’t wait to see you on the other side! 

All the love,