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Hey there! I’m Brenda and I\’m excited to be partnering with Naja & VIPStepmom.

\"BrendaI help women who date, live with or are married to someone who has kids from a previous relationship.

My job is to make your life easier. I want you to have all the information, tools and support you need to help you (and your family) succeed because, let’s face it, stepfamily life is complicated.

Becoming a stepmom was one of the biggest challenges I ever faced. I knew he had kids, but I wasn’t even close to being prepared for all the little “surprises” inherent to life as a stepmother.

There were times I felt alone and crazy.
I searched for resources to help me, but came up short. So, with a marketing career under my belt, I threw caution to the wind and launched StepMom Magazine in January 2009.

And I’m so glad I did. I learned that I wasn’t crazy and I’m not alone. (The great news is, neither are you!) Stepfamily issues are universal which is why women in more than a dozen countries around the world read us every month.


My commitment is to bring you the most comprehensive, informative, and solution-oriented resource available, every month, in one beautifully designed package. I promise that we’ll tackle the issues you can’t talk about anywhere else. And we’ll do it with a highly qualified, hand-picked team of stepfamily experts who, like you, understand, because they’re stepmoms too.

I’m so glad you found us! You’re one step closer to feeling more confident and content in your role as a woman who loves someone with kids. I can’t wait to meet you!

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