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Welcome to the Mastermind Intensive for Stepmoms


Highly successful participants tend to keep personal journals that are specifically dedicated to the Mastermind Intensive.

  1. Carefully read through your Welcome Workbook. Please pay special attention to the rules.
  2. Introduce yourself in the Mastermind Chat Room. Also, share your responses to Welcome Workbook Q1 and Q4.
  3. Respond to atleast 2 of your cohorts responses.
  4. Finally, take the Stepmom 101 Course. (self-paced)

Download your Welcome Workbook

Prior to Mastermind Meeting #1, please read your Welcome Workbook very carefully and complete the assignments.

Take this refresher course to brush up on common stepmom topics of discussion.

Newbies and seasoned stepmoms find this course useful because it takes practical advice and inserts tried and tested methods in order to help you tackle common issues.


Our database is full of invaluable resources. We will use some of them during the Mastermind Intensive, however, you are encouraged to look through them and use at your own pace as well.

Expert Workshops

Candid monthly chats with pros

VIP Podcast

Listen to episodes of VIP podcast

Chat Room

Discussion board and Q&A

StepMom Magazine

Monthly Issue of StepMom Mag


Take a self-help course or Masterclass


Download and browse database