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Week 2 Mastermind Intensive

Hey ! Welcome back to the VIP Room!

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The M(other)

For many, the comothering aspect of Stepmothering presents a lot of angst.  This week we will assess the Mom, her behavior, and how she makes you feel. This week is a bit more content-heavy because this topic can create very adverse feelings that interfere with other areas of your stepmothering journey.

  1. Start on the 10-Day Girl, Bye! Course
  2. LISTEN: Does the Mom refuse to acknowledge your existence?

  3. LISTEN or WATCH: How to deal with a high conflict ex and Win!

  4. How To Kick BM Outta Your Head

Start the course!

This is a 10-day (self-paced) course that will help you understand the dynamics of your comothering relationship. If you have already taken the course, use this as a refresher and support your fellow Masterminds as they navigate the strong emotions that will be triggered while on the Girl,Bye! journey.

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Bar room Banter Check out these short videos *beware strong language


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