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Week 3 Mastermind Intensive

The MIM (man in the middle)

*To be inclusive 

This week we are focusing on your partner. How does your man make your role easier or harder? Is he equipped to be the man in the middle or does he leave you to fend for yourself?

*The materials for this week can be enjoyed alongside your partner.

Check out this issue of Stepmom Magazine from the male perspective

Do the Pre/Post Marital Blending Exercise For Couples

Print out this questionnaire and have your partner complete it

How To Handle a partner that cannot set boundaries Recommendation: Watch this as a couple

Download Workbook+watch video

Naja tapped the entire VIPStepmom community in order to complete this undertaking. She posed the question, “How could your man help YOUR role as a Stepmom easier?” Everyone came through with their BEST pieces of advice and this compilation was born. Go grab your fella and watch this with him.


Our database is full of invaluable resources. We will use some of them during the Mastermind Intensive, however, you are encouraged to look through them and use at your own pace as well.

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VIP Podcast

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Chat Room

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StepMom Magazine

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