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Week 1 Mastermind Intensive

All about YOU

This week we are focusing on understanding your patterns, identifying your traumas, and your conflict resolution abilities, etc. I also challenge you to think about how you thought stepmotherhood would be vs. your current reality and the possibility of readjusting your expectations.

  1. Download this week’s workbook  
  2. Take Course
  3. Listen+Read Naja’s Personal Stepmom Affirmations
  4. If you like research-based studies, read, Factors that Determine Stepmom Success and Failure

If you’re a person that likes to know what’s ahead, HERE are the slides for this week’s presentation.

Download this week’s workbook

This week you will be writing your personal affirmations. This workbook breaks it all down for you. 

Take the 3 Principles of Happy Women Course

“Happy” is a very subjective term but it represents a standard state of being for many women. According to modern theory, there are 27 human emotions. Unfortunately, many people live their lives aiming to stay in a “happy” place. When they experience one of the other 26 emotions, they may have a tough time leaning into their present feelings because they are hyper-focused on getting back to “happy”. Some of the happiest people I know do not force bad feelings away. They practice mindfulness, acceptance, and they give themselves grace when recalibrating their emotions. I’ve come to learn that true happiness lies in radical acceptance, flexibility, and avoiding rumination. Take the course for a big lesson on “finding your happy”.


Our database is full of invaluable resources. We will use some of them during the Mastermind Intensive, however, you are encouraged to look through them and use at your own pace as well.

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