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Week 4 Mastermind Intensive

The Kiddos

Our final week is all about your stepkids! How do they impact your life? How do they see you? Is being this particular child’s stepmother fulfilling? When we remove all of the other factors and look at the tiny (or big) human that we call our “step or bonus” kid, where does that leave us?

Assignment #1

Write a letter as if you’re speaking directly to your stepchild. Tell them things you would like them to know about you. Share your true feelings about your stepfamily. This is a time to be vulnerable and transparent. You will not be required to share this letter with your stepchild, but you will be asked to share a short snippet during our next Mastermind meeting.

Assignment #2

Read this week’s Workbook


How to handle stepkids turning on you
Surprise Stepmom! You’ve got custody!
The ABCs of dealing with adult stepkids


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