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Stepmom, I know you're exhausted and I have exactly what you NEED

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I've created what I wish I had when I was struggling I'm handing you the tools, all you have to do is use them!

Only 40 Women allowed!


No one gets better by hoping and wishing.

You actually have to do the work to.

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I'm not gonna pretend Being a stepmom is NOT my most important role

BUT my role as a stepmom was ONCE responsible for 100% of my anxiety, sadness, and displeasure with my relationship. It seemed like the man of my dreams was attached to something from my nightmares. All I wanted to do was have a good relationship, but it seemed like the decisions he made before I even came along would haunt me forever. Not only do I have a Family Sciences degree, I’m a Certified Family Life Educator. Most importantly, I’m a STEPMOM that is no longer affected by the antics of those I cannot control. The level of peace and #unbotheredness I’ve reached is a place I NEVER thought I’d be. I know most Coaches, therapists, and lightworkers must position themselves as if they’re lives are squeaky clean BUT I went through hell! I often talk about my experiences in my private members discussions, the secret podcast, blogs etc. I do this to show you that I know WHERE you are. I am meeting you exactly where you are and I will hold your hand until you get to higher ground. I’m Naja Hall and I got your back.

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Ready for a Mindset Makeover Grab my journal for Stepmoms

This journal juxtaposes the practice of mindfulness with a few delicately positioned f-bombs. After all, stepmothering is a discipline that often requires women to sacrifice themselves and their feelings for people that might not acknowledge them. Frustration can mount to the point of exhaustion. This growth mindset journal will challenge your core beliefs, tickle your funny bone, make you say ouch, and most importantly, allow you to apply real solutions to the three main sources of contention for Stepmothers:

  • A high-conflict biological mother
  • A partner that cannot set proper boundaries
  • A challenging stepchild

This masterpiece isn’t for the faint of heart, but neither is being a Stepmom. Enjoy over 240+ pages of mindset shifting motivation. For more info, visit www.GirlBye.info or click the image to order from Amazon.

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