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“Girl, Bye! is NOT a kiss & makeup book.”

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In Girl, Bye! She’s Not Going Anywhere…Neither Are You, author Naja Hall sends a loud and clear message to Mothers and Stepmothers stuck in the throes of conflict. While it would be nice for Moms and Stepmoms to become great friends, that’s usually a far fetched reality for most. Neither of these women are excited about the other’s presence, so this pairing is likely to be met with apprehension, confusion, and plenty of headaches. While she may not be ready to leave the drama at the door, you don’t have to answer every time trouble comes knocking.
Naja compels women to be the highest version of themselves despite the presence of the woman that contradicts her expectations and challenges her peace. Naja also teaches tactics on silencing the lingering doubts and fears that plague the minds of these women. Not one to stray from her roots as Stepfamily Coach, Naja challenges women to explore the Mother or Stepmother in their lives, but they will also be compelled to confront their own idiosyncrasies and figure out why the other woman’s presence bothers them so much.
Girl, Bye! has been declared better than “six months of therapy in a paperback book!”

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