• How do you all deal with BMs who speak badly about you to the children? My bf has 2 son’s (8 and 4) with 2 different women. Two weeks ago the 8 year old randomly started to break down while we were all watching tv. He told my bf sometimes he is scared to talk about things because the BM says she will hit him. And then he told my bf that the BM t…Read More

  • That awkward moment when HCBM (believe me, she’s earned the HC) and DH are having a tussle of verbiage via email while I’m sitting here drinking my margarita hoping the ghetto don’t rub off on me 💅🏾💁🏾‍♀️ I’m petty but damn 😂 It’s only Monday! Good night y’all!

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  • In other news, I was just elected to the executive board of my SD’s Parent Teacher Org at her middle school! I’m so excited to be involved in something that I can be passionate about.

    What are some things that you all are involved in on behalf of your families?

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    VIPod 016: What to do when "drama" disrupts your good energy

    Coach Naja delves into the cosmos and uncovers why certain stepmoms cannot overcome distractions from blended family drama. Distractions can derail progress and throw us irreparably off course and they can set up a never-ending cycle of confusion. Dive...

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  • Hey ladies! Wyd today. I’m headed to get acupuncture !!! This is only my 2nd time and this round they’re using the electrode things! Eeek

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    • Picking out the littles Halloween costumes! My friend and I decided that since we don’t want to take our kids trick or treating we are gonna rent a theater and see a movie and let them dress up

    • Enjoy! Much needed me time, no matter the activity!

    • Currently drinking a margarita and watching Girlfriends on Netflix while bio baby coos and bio toddler naps and DH golfs. My best friend is coming over later to hang out with me and the littles. SD is away for visitation with her mom. BM and I are texting about having a blended family outing in the near future (my idea, not her’s 😅).

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